My name is Enes Ördek. Here you can find an overview of my work.


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Enes' Historien

In my blog, I share some aspects of my life. My blog is primarily in german, but some articles I also provide in english.

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Sokra.Tech is my brand on which I run my activities regarding IT services and products.

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I am the founder of Proxer.Me, a leading german non-profit anime community. Although I am no longer working in operating activities, I am still working on running the infrastructure and improving things in background.

Public Services

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Harddiscs have an estimated lifetime of 10 years and often contain images and videos full of memories. For my friends and family members I provide a service, where members can archive their files on a large nextcloud instance. In the background I provide continuous maintenance and backups for this service.

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Etherpad can be used to work collaboratively on documents. It makes a lot of things easier and I love using it. Here I provide a public instance which can be used by anyone.


Eine 3D Asset Pipeline: Von CAD über SAP zu Unity3D

German, 2021-07-14

Business Model Canvas im Kontext der digitalen Transformation

German, 2021-02-15

Game Engineering Lectures

For the university of applied sciences Mannheim I provided lectures for Game Engineering and Unity development. The lectures are publicly available on Youtube.


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Battery Powered Devices

I find it bothersome to connect devices to power supply. This prevents exploring interesting use cases. I want to run some devices (like weather stations) on battery for months or weeks. With this project I want to explore battery-powered devices.

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Recycle and Repair

I love the idea of recycling and repairing. Things break in daily life, and a 3D printer provides the opportunity to recycle and/or repair these things.

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iPhone SE Smartphone Case

I use my smartphone on daily basis. The cases I buy break or look bad after some time. I am creating my own smartphone cases with unique designs.

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Telegram as News Source

Messengers like Telegram are used more and more as a news source. I am investigating data of several popular german Telegram channels to see what we can learn out of it.

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AI Art

AI art is the way to create art with deep-learning algorithms and AI models. In this project I try myself as an AI artist and try to produce creative results with artificial neural networks.

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E-Commerce: MakerDuck

I have always been interested in e-commerce. I want to create an onlineshop from scratch, build campaigns and collect experience.

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Nginx Access and Error Logs

Webserver Logs are generated on each request and contain highly sensitive and valuable data. With this project I investigate how this data can be leveraged and used.

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Population of Mannheim

Being born in Mannheim, I am highly interested in what the data tells about the environment and place, where I was born. For this I use social indicators data (Mannheimer Sozialatlas) and population data, which are publicly available. My work consists of connecting different data sets, enrichting the data with new information and deriving insights by interpreting the new perspective on this data.

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Gene Sequencing and DNA analysis

My interest in gene sequencing and dna analysis drove me to build a data-science tool for analysing my raw dna data. I want to enhance and publish this tool, so that everyone can get to know more about their own DNA.

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Milchtütenente means "milk-pack-duck" in english and is an artistic work of mine.

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Gameboy Nano

I spent my childhood playing Gameboy. I found some tutorials and started building my own Gameboy Nano. In unexpected ways, it was not as easy as thought.

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Proxer VR

I explore ways to create and serve a 3D/VR/Metaverse app for Proxer.


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XR Cloud at SAP

I was one of the developers of XR Cloud. XR Cloud is a SaaS which aims to integrate SAP systems in Extended Reality.